Spelling Tutors

Students who have not grasped phonics and sounds will always struggle with spelling. This can have a big impact on a child’s overall learning and development. It can easily result in a child falling behind their classmates, losing confidence in their own ability and later on in their school career can cause them to lose marks in written assignments, essays and tests.

Having tuition at home, going at their own pace, can help to improve spelling of children that need more attention than they receive in the classroom.

When is the right time to start spelling tutoring?

We offer spelling tutoring for students aged from five years of age, right through primary and high school, if required.

Why choose Progressive Home Tutors?

At Progressive Home Tutors, we identify a student’s strengths and problem areas to determine the best approach for their home tutoring sessions. After a careful evaluation, our teachers will develop the most beneficial learning program for the most effective one-on-one tutoring for students. With over a 100 highly qualified and experienced tutors located in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, we will find a tutor to suit your child’s individual learning needs.

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