Essay Writing

Many students who are very bright often struggle in subjects not because they don’t understand them, but because they have difficultly communicating ideas in a clear and concise way.

Undeveloped essay writing can impact on both primary and high school students’ academic performance in all subjects were written assignments are required, with many students not getting sufficient assistance in the classroom.

However, essay writing can be easily improved with the help of a private tutor. Learning the techniques and structure of essay writing can help improve marks across all subjects where written assignments are required.

What types of essays can tutors assist with?

One of the areas that many students find difficult is developing the structure of an essay. Essays require an objective or structural presentation but many students seem to miss this somehow in school. Private tutoring can quickly correct this and get your child’s marks back on track.

As essay structure varies between subjects, especially in high school, Progressive has home tutors who are qualified to help improve a student’s essay writing no matter in any subject, from history and geography right through to English literature.

Progressive’s tutors are located in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane and offer essay tutoring for students in year three, but predominantly caters for students in high school.

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