Geography Tutors

Geography is a good subject for curious students that want to better understand the world that we live in. It is also an important subject to have if your child is hoping to work in environmental-based industries or to continue to study science at university.
When studying geography students are presented with complex concepts and processes that are in Geography some may find it difficult to understand the first or second time it is explained to them. Often the difficulties that they have with certain aspects of geography can be overcome with the help of one-on-one tutoring.

Why choose Progressive?

We offer geography tutoring for years 10, 11 and 12 in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. We can help students in all areas of geography, however the aspect that seems to be difficult for most students is mapping. Our specialist geography tutors can typically improve performance in this area in around five sessions of private tutoring.
Geography also requires good essay presentation. As in English, and other subjects where essays and written assignments are required, it seems that many students lack the knowledge of how to present data in essay form. This is a section of geography that a student can easily improve in with the help of one of our tutors.

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