Numeracy Tutors

It may surprise you that more students have difficulties with numeracy and maths than any other subject. Being proficient in maths is not only an essential life skill, but also a requirement for getting into university and/or gaining good employment.

Maths is a logical subject. Many students who are highly orientated towards the humanities and the arts often have difficulty with maths. While some students can understand mathematical concepts the first time, others may take more time to gain a proper understanding as in a classroom setting there might not be sufficient time for the teacher to provide the assistance required. Typically, the most effective solution in cases like this is one-on-one private help where the tutor can work with the student at their own pace.

When is the right time to start numeracy tutoring?

Progressive offers numeracy tutoring in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane for students aged from 4 years old (kindergarten), right up to year 12 in High School.

With a subject as vital as numeracy and maths, it’s important to get a good start. With over 100 tutors who are qualified, registered teachers around Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, we will find the right tutor to suit your child’s learning needs.

Contact Us today to find out how your child can benefit from numeracy and maths tutoring.

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