Literacy Tutoring

Being literate is arguably the most important skill that a person can possess. Having the ability to communicate clearly with other people, express ideas and understand concepts all comes down to having a firm grasp on the basic elements of the English language, such as reading, writing and spelling.

In the early childhood years, literacy is a subject of the highest priority. Reading, writing, sounds, and spelling are the basis for progressing academically in future years.

Why choose Progressive?

These days, students are required to have a high level of proficiency by the end of pre-school, so it is important to get a good start. Not having these skills can impact on a child’s ability to perform at their best in all school subjects in the future.

For students who lack a solid start in literacy, it’s important that they receive extra private help away from the class room situation where they may be overlooked. For many children, one-on-one tutoring, set at their pace, is what they need to help them understand the foundations of literacy.

Private tutoring at home does not just help a child to improve their literacy skills, but also ensures that their confidence in their own ability perform well is not impacted.

When is the right time to start literacy tutoring?

As a child may experience difficulty with literacy at any stage in their schooling, Progressive Home Tutors in Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane offer tutoring for all years, from kindergarten and right through to year 12.

If your child is having trouble with their literacy skills Contact Us to find how your child can improve.

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