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Excel in Numbers with Progressive Home Tutors

In all the years we have been offering our tutoring services, we’ve seen many primary and secondary students dread maths. We’ve come across children who have become detached from the subject and often associate a negative image with it due to the challenges of solving problems and dealing with numbers.

As we recognise the growing number of young learners struggling in maths, our qualified teachers in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide have set up a personalised training curriculum to nurture the numeracy skills of students. With help from our maths tutor in Perth, we aim to change the learning mindset of students and bring a positive experience to studying this particular subject.

Extensive Remedial Support

Math has different theories, concepts, and rules on computations that can be difficult to understand in one sitting. To ensure students fully grasp the subject, we offer one-on-one remedial lessons in the privacy and comfort of their homes. We give our full attention to students during tutoring sessions, to address questions and explain areas they have trouble understanding.

Fun, Interactive, and Enjoyable Math Lessons

Attitude can make a big difference when it comes to learning. If the student is not interested in the subject, there’s a big chance of failing. Progressive Home Tutors aims to change such perspectives and promote greater interest and awareness in maths. We strive to make learning more enjoyable and turn lessons into a unique experience for students.

Contact us for more information about our private tutoring services. We’ll be more than glad to discuss your arrangements with our maths tutor in Perth.

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