Early Childhood Tutors


The early childhood years are very significant for a child’s development. A lot of their social and intellectual skills really begin to cultivate around this time. But not all children progress at the same pace and some might need a little extra help. That’s where Progressive Home Tutors come in; our tutors are located in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide are here to help ensure that your child can achieve their best. We can help you if your child is:

  • Having difficulty with sounds
  • Not reading to same level as others in class
  • Having problems with writing
  • Lacking in literacy and/or numeracy skills
  • Might be falling behind
  • Having difficulty with confidence in the classroom


Our Teaching Methods for the Early Years of Childhood

We believe that all kids are individual and unique, that’s why our service is focused on one-on-one help. All tutoring is conducted by our friendly, fully qualified, and experienced tutors who:

  • Can develop lessons to suit your child’s individual needs
  • Will get to know your kids to find out the way that they learn best and tailor a program to suit your child’s own learning style


Why Choose Progressive Home Tutors?

All of Progressive’s tutors are fully registered qualified and experienced school teachers, with all the necessary skills required to help your child reach their potential. For young children, we provide specialist ECH teachers, with the expertise to most effectively communicate important information to children.

It’s crucial for children to get a proper start to their schooling by getting the basics right. However, all too often, school classrooms are so large that some children just ‘slip through’ without the teacher noticing they haven’t understood what is being taught.

With our expert-model of tutoring and the individual style of teaching, each child will benefit through increased confidence and self-esteem. In time they will realise that they can do as well as the others in the in their class and can do anything they put their mind to.

With tutors all throughout Australia, in Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane, and an unparalleled expertise in early childhood education, now is this time to help your child realise their true potential! To book an appointment today, call 1300 663 122 or use our online booking form.


When is the Right Time to Start Tutoring?

From prep school onwards, as this is when formative learning really gets under way in the classroom.

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