Our Teachers

Need to find a tutor? Our teachers are all qualified, registered teachers experienced in both classroom teaching and one-on-one tuition. Covering a range of subjects from Maths and English through to Sciences, Languages and much more, we are sure to find a tutor to match your child’s age, subject and individual educational needs.

Why should you only use a qualified teacher?

We don’t send our children to school to be taught by students. We expect them to learn from a qualified teacher and there are good reasons supporting this.

  • A teacher has the skills and experience to identify problem areas quickly.
  • A teacher knows the curriculum and what level the student should be at within their school year.
  • A teacher has been specifically trained to pass on the subject knowledge.
  • A teacher has the ability to create a rapport with the student and work on a professional level.

Why is one-on-one tuition best?

  • The tuition program is specifically designed by the teacher for your child’s needs.
  • The student can work at his or her own pace.
  • The teacher’s focus is on your child for the complete session.

How can I arrange for private Tuition for my child?

You can engage a teacher by simply calling us or by completing the online enquiry form.

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