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Improve English Literacy with Progressive Home Tutors

English is one of the most challenging subjects for primary and secondary learners. The rules of grammar, spelling, and proper word pronunciation can be a lot to take in for young minds, especially for those who have trouble grasping the basics of the language. This is where we step in to help.

Progressive Home Tutors offers one-on-one private lessons for children who are having problems with their English subject. With assistance from our qualified English tutors in Perth, you can expect high-standard education for your child.

Providing Better Understanding of the Subject

Progressive Home Tutors will help your child gain a better grasp on the subject, from correct grammar and oral fluency, to writing and reading comprehension. We give our full attention to students to ensure they understand the lessons and determine which areas need further improvement.

Offering a Fun Way to Learn English and Develop Creativity

A whole afternoon of writing texts, reciting poems, or reading stories can get a little dull for young learners. To make English studies more fun, and to foster creativity, we encourage interaction and conduct small activities during study sessions. Our teachers also help students learn at their own pace to avoid stress and promote a positive attitude to studying.

At Progressive Home Tutors, we give your child the confidence to gain academic advantage when it comes to English studies. Contact us for more information about our tutoring services. We’ll be more than glad to locate the best English tutor in Perth to suit your child’s educational needs.

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