High School & Secondary School Tutors

High school is arguably the most critical phase in a child’s education. It’s the culmination of all of their schooling, and the last step before they enter ‘the real world’. Many students reach out to us because:

  • They need to pass assignments and exams
  • Students want to improve their grades and results
  • They have fallen behind in a subject and need support to cope/catch up
  • Mum and Dad can’t help at this level
  • Even though their results are well above average, the pressure to achieve very high results can be a bit too much to handle
  • They don’t understand the concepts especially in Maths, Classroom teacher needs to move on to finish course therefore student has to help themselves but are unable to
  • They don’t know how to write essays and structure assignments


Why Choose Progressive Home Tutors?

Our Tutors are …

  • Have tutors available in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane
  • Are fully qualified and registered high school teachers with the knowledge and experience to expertly assess what areas your child needs attention
  • Develop and implement programs that are specifically designed to improve their areas they are having problems with
  • Conduct sessions in your home, allowing the child to build a strong relationship with the tutor, and further improve their education
  • Work on a one-on-one basis for a full 60 minutes, minimising break-downs in communication, amount of information missed, and reducing stress
  • Are specialists in their individual subject areas
  • Know what is required in final exams and can help your child develop the best exam technique available
  • Can also review assignments and correct drafts before submission


What are the Benefits of High School Tutoring and Why is it so Important?

  • Improve their scholastic skills and results
  • Boost their confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Improve concentration
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