What do our students think of our tutors?

Due to some issues when he was young, Jacob found his early school years a struggle. At the beginning of 2016, we appointed Michael to help tutor Jacob trough year 9. This is the text of a letter written and sent by Jacob to Michael in December.

Dear Michael

When I first was introduced to you I hardly understood what you were saying and at first I came to the assumption that you were strict and mean. I hated it how you made me rub out my letters and told me to do it again neatly, we did have a great abundance of arguments in the first semester of tutoring, but I realise that what you were doing was actually helping me a lot in the areas of Literacy, and I genuinely appreciate how much you have made a difference in my education. When we started working together, I was certain I would not know how to Read a text and understand the meaning of the question in order to provide my response to the text I was reading or Write Essays fluently as the words didn’t make sense to me and what I should write and how I should express my ideas. At first, I wasn’t hopeful that things would change. But to my surprise you actually made a difference, you have veritably made a difference in my education this year as you have taught me the process of solving a problem and how I should use my brain when it comes to answering questions; whether it’s based on the gut feeling in Literacy or precision in Numeracy. With your tuition, I am gratified to report that I have received quite satisfactory marks on my report this semester. I know that if I hadn’t had private tutoring with you I would definitely not have had any valid right to say any of this today. I don’t know where I would be if you never came around to support me in my everlasting journey through secondary school. It’s been a pleasure [to] be one of your students and I hope you have a merry Christmas and I hope to see you back next year.

Thank you again for helping me this year

Year 9, December 2016

It gives us great joy to share this with you.



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