Easing Back Into School

easing back into school | 1st day of school

How to beat first day nerves:

  • Practise routines a week before school starts. Get lunches ready the night before if possible and check bags for notes and health information.
  • Make sure children get a good night’s sleep.
    Minimise anxiety by showing children their classroom and where the toilets are.
  • Establish a relationship with other parents and teachers. Make an appointment to discuss your child’s progress if necessary.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your child about issues that are affecting them.
  • Keep a positive attitude about your child’s learning.
  • Volunteer to help with reading, school-based committees and other activities.
  • Organise play dates to help children make new friends.
  • Make sure other family members are involved, especially Dad or other male figures in their lives, in wishing the child well on their first day.
  • Be there early if you are picking them up — children can become upset if they are the last to be picked up.
  • Pack fresh fruit, vegies and protein in their lunch boxes.
  • Check them for head lice at the end of the school week and remind them about hand washing.
  • Make sure they have good footwear that fits and sturdy bags for their books.
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